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 A Gallery 

 of the 21st century 




No permanent physical residence, but temporary showrooms across Europe


 is a physically nomadic 

 but digitally permanent source 

 for the work of creators 


Serving private collectors and commercial actors such as interior architects and designers alike


Digital platforms are our shop window

 Why though? 

We are material beings living in a material world. Our relationships to the objects we are surrounded by define our relation to the world itself. A relation that is reshaped every day through interaction. However, the world of objects does not come by chance, it is man-made. Every object within this realm is created for a purpose and in the process of creation we decide upon its inherent qualities, which rub off on us in the very moment of interaction.

This world of objects becomes an amplifier for the prevalent values of society.

In an industrialized society it is the values of mass-production: uniformity, and therefore substitutability. Through the industrial means of production, costs were lowered and the goods produced became accessible to a larger part of society, creating welfare. But it also reduced the capacity for resonance of the produced objects as they are no longer the result of an individual’s decisions but of a standardized process. The creator is absent.           

It is therefore the mission of SALON KLOTZ to support those who have the knowledge and capabilities to create – to give shape to the world of objects – by creating awareness for their astonishing works and to contribute to a more sustainable way of living by surrounding ourselves with objects that resonate with us. As every artisanal work encapsulates the time spent on its creation and beyond that - the time it took to master the necessary skills. Contrary to the automated and blind process of industrial production, every artisanal work means a sacrifice of time and effort. It is the voluntary sacrifice driven by passion that gives artisanal works their universal quality, echoing with the beholder regardless of aesthetic preferences. The sacrifice is the subtext that surpasses the gateway of taste and awakens awe and appreciation, and therefore forms the basis for resonance. Machines do not sacrifice.

          By surrounding ourselves with

objects that resonate, that mean something to us, because they meant something to their creators, we can break with the patterns of fast-paced consumption towards a more attentive relation with the world of objects. We can become companions for life and not just for a season.

In bringing together what was formerly separated into art, design, and crafts in one place without recalling the existing definitions, the respective category’s connotations are stripped away and the object itself reclaims the centre stage of perception. We are paying tribute to the blurry nature of categorization and aim to prevent the perpetuation of the existing value hierarchy between categories. Without the context of a category, everything lies in the eye of the beholder.

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